During the night Jan 30-31 the asteroid Eros was observed from the Tycho Brahe Observatory in Oxie, Malmö, Sweden. A series of images were taken around midnight using the remotely controllable telescope. The animation to the right shows the motion during approx 1½ hours.









Eros is currently passing closer Earth than for a long time, at a distance of appr 26 million km. Using the powerful and remotely controllable 14-inch telescope of the observatory, a series of images were taken around midnight. The animation shows the motion of Eros between 22.40 and 23.40 UT on Jan 30. Lower right shows a still image for corresponding period. Eros is the brightest object i in the image.



The images are part of a project work by the high school students Albin Walldén and Max Nordin at Finnvedens gymnasium in Värnamo. It was the students themselves, under the guidance of Tycho Brahe Observatory instructor Peter Linde, who made the observations remotely from their home in Värnamo. With a common web browser it is possible (after arrangement) to control the telescope in Oxie. Additionally, Albin and Max continuously communicated via Skype with the instructor to keep a check on the observations. At lower right we see Max and Albin in the Skype window and at lower right we see the control computer at the observatory.












The observations will also be part of an international cooperation where amateurs all over the world cooperate in order to determine the distance to the asteroid Eros as accurately as possible.